Tallinna Teemanditee Budismi Keskus on ilmalik keskus, mis kuulub tiibeti budismi karma kagjü liinile ja mille on asutanud laama Ole Nydahl Tema Pühaduse 17. gjälva karmapa Trinle Thaje Dordže, tiibeti joogide kuninga, vaimsel juhendamisel. Meie budistlik meditatsioonikeskus  on koht, kus inimesed saavad õppida meditatsiooni ja omandada autentseid budistlikke õpetusi sõbralikus, kaasaegses keskkonnas.

Teemanditee budismi keskused funktsioneerivad vabatahtliku töö alusel, mis põhineb sõprusel ja idealismil. Meie keskus pakub regulaarset sissejuhatust budismi, juhendatud meditatsioone, budistlikke kursusi ja loenguid Lääne budistlike külalisõpetajate poolt.

Karma kagjü koolkond jagab praktilisi õpetusi, mis on rakendatavad ka igapäevaelus. See pakub erinevaid meetodeid nii joogidele kui tavalistele inimestele, et arendada meditatsiooni ja igapäevaste tegevuste teel meele loomulikku rikkust ning selgust.

We are happy to invite you to the lectures which address essential topics in Diamond Way Buddhism given across two evenings: December 18th and December 19th.

All interested have opportunity to become acquainted with the Buddhist view, theory and practice, ask questions, and participate in guided meditation.

Both evenings will be hosted by Guido & Florinda Czeija, Buddhist teachers from Austria.

18th December 2019 – “Buddhism in the west” – how and why Buddhism came to the west, how it is integrated into modern society, what makes it unique and beneficial for us – all these any many other questions will be covered during the lecture.

19th December 2019 – “What Diamond Way Buddhism is?” – You will get better understanding what methods are used in Diamond Way Buddhism, how it can benefit you, and how you can apply it in your routine life.

Florinda and Guido Czeija have been practicing Buddhism for more than twenty years, after they took refuge with Lama Ole Nydahl. Also since many years they have been giving lectures on Buddhist topics around the world by Lama Ole’s request . They had a chance to give lectures throughout Europe, in Russia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.
Florinda works as a physiotherapist in founded by her School for Visceral Therapy, besides her practical career, she is also active with giving courses on physiotherapy practice around Europe.
Guido was studying physics and mathematics at Universities of Vienna and Berlin. Nowadays he is one of the co-founders of consulting and coaching agency for teams and organizations and works as freelancer-instructor in that area. Guido and Florinda are married since 2005 and live in Seekirchen, not far from Salzburg (Austria).
At their lectures they also share real examples how Buddhist methods are integrated into their personal and professional lives.

Buddhism provides you with deep information related to the worldly pleasures, your desires, and everything that prevents you from acquiring unconditional happiness. Moreover, it also guides you on how you can work with your obstructions, both inner and outer ones, to gain happy of mind. Some refer to Buddhism as a philosophy, some as a religion, or a faith, that comprises of numerous beliefs, spiritual practices and traditions based primarily on the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Let us dig deeper into this and find out more about Buddhism. If you want to improve your understanding of Buddhism, you have opportunity to do this.

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